About Us

Many directories and listing services exists, but there is no consolidated, effective and trusted way for customers and service providers to find and transact with each other online.

Introducing Zowedo

Zowedo is a marketplace dedicated to personal services where vendors and customers enjoy the ease and convenience of transacting services online. The name is inspired by our vision to create a community of service providers (?so we do?) and customers so that you can live life doing the things you love.

The concept

Zowedo is a platform where vendors can offer services and manage their business. Vendors create an attractive profile then organise their service offer through different service types. Our platform supports single event or packages, services delivered at customer?s home or vendor location, and single customer classes or group classes.

The team

The success of Zowedo is heavily reliant on the founding team?s credibility, authority and recognition. With a combination of over 50 years of different but yet complementary experiences, Zowedo boasts a founding team of impressive credentials in Operations, Project Management, Technology, Marketing and Business Development.

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Meet Zowee

Zowee is our mascot. She is a friendly Red Panda that thrive to help customers and vendors along their journey on Zowedo.

Our Motto

?Live Life Doing?

A statement of our commitment to enable our customers, vendors and employees to focus on getting things done rather than being absorbed by secondary tasks.

Our Mission

To discover and showcase professional service providers who are passionate about their craft and present them to people that want to enrich their lives through Zowedo?s marketplace technology.

Visit us at www.zowedo.com.

For more information, please contact us at info@zowedo.com.

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